Performance- $6.85

Lean and Mean
You choose-Chocolate or vanilla protein with banana and peapeanut  butter
40p 82c 18f  566kc

Lean and Mean Lite
A lightened up version of our favorite, less banana and pb
30p 28c 9f 290kc

Sieze the day
Café au lait makes this a great way to Carpe diem  
23p 41c 1f 276 kc

Plain and Simple
Low carb protein smoothie, 12 sugar free flavors  
21p 11c 1f 165kc

Power lifter
Gainer, protein, bananas and peanut butter  
58p 133c 27f820kc

Triple Threat
Protein, strawberries, banana, flax 40/40/20  
23p 33c 15f 374kc

Smart start
What a way to sart your day! Oatmeal, banana and cinnamon
20p 63c3f 353kc

Very Cherry
Beat muscle fatigue with cherries
15p 55c 1f 280kc

Groovey greens
High in potassium, spinach and apples blended make this a great way to get your greens in
15p 45c 1f 242kc

Awaken your senses with pineapple, blueberries and kale
15p 35c 1f 207kc

A powerful combo of bananas, oj and pineapples. rich in fiber
23p 69c 1f 375kc

Banana Nut
Almonds and bananas are blended together for the nut lovers dream
20p 55c 20f 453kc





Healthy- $6.60

Peanut peanut butter and Jelly
Strawberries and bananas blended wih peanut butter
23p 63c 17f 493kc

Berry Berry
Sweet and Tangy berrilicious smoothie with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
15p 49c 1f 262kc

Our creamy citrus concoction is reminiscent of the classic without the fat
15p 52c 1f 268kc

Strawberry banana
The simplicity of strawberries blended with bananas is an easy choice and always a winner
16p 61c 1f 319kc

Island Passion
Mango, bananas and peaches delivered with a hint of coconut keeps you coming back to the island
16p 74c 1f 352kc

Just Peachy
Peaches and vanilla are blended with banana for this rich and creamy delight
15p 99c 1f 338kc

Get your heart pumping with this one!  Rich in heart-healthy vitamin E and anti-oxidants aid in circulation, and reduces cholesterol
16p 45c 1f 246kc

Strawberry lemonade
Sweet and tangy, refreshingly healthy
15p 52c 1f 268kc

Mango Tango
Strawberries, mango, pineapple, banana, and oj make sweet music when all tangled up
15p 65c 1f  321kc                        

Blueberry Blast
This purple delight is pure bliss, chock full of the most powerful anti-oxidant rich super berry
15p 65c 1f 340kc

Blackeyed Berry
Try this yummy smoothie- blackberries paired with the sweetness of chocolate for a decadent treat
16p 45c 1f 340kc

Beach breezer
A perfect blend of mango and peaches with a hint of vanilla
15p 39c 1f 242kc


Add-ins $1

Almonds, b12, chai, caffeine, coffee, fatburner, fiber, flax ,immunity, kale, multi vitii, oats, peanut butter, spinach, plant protein, whey protein


Add-ins $2

super foods, hangover, acai

Acai Split Natures perfect energy fruit packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential omegas blended with bananas

Specialty $7.25

Acai Fountain of YouthThe acai berry flavor is a vibrant blend of chocolate and berries known to combat aging and build the immune system

Mate MangoThe sass of cardamom, vanilla and cloves with organc chai awakens the smoothness of mango for the electric combination of spice and sweetness

Blackberry ChaiBlackberries powered by organic chai will awaken your mind and body

Alternatives- $.50

Almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and veggie protein